Transformation under our noses and on the back porch

IMG_1502 2.jpgPhoto by JB

Late last fall, on JB’s walk home from the bus from the Botanic Gardens, he spotted a cocoon attached to the side of a building. Because he feared kids would be curious about it and likely destroy it, he decided to bring it home to assure its survival. It over-wintered on our back porch in a box. Today the Polyphemus hatched, magnificent, regal, and totally exhausted from working its way out of its cocoon. JB brought it out into the yard, placed it at the base of our maple tree and under the hostas, where it would be safe until it was ready to fly away.

Today I spent the morning in the garden. I thinned the radishes, our first harvest, and planted some more to keep us in continual supply. I planted more herbs outside that we have grown from seed on our back porch– marjoram, english thyme and Greek oregano.  I made room for flowers by pruning back some lilies of the valley and vines and sacrificing a few day lilies in order to plant seeds outside for flowers — echinacea, zinnias, black-eyed susans, sunflowers.

This evening we made an omelet for dinner, stuffed with fresh dandelion greens, horseradish leaves, mizuna, komatsu, and basil and oregano, all from our garden. JB placed the fresh picked radishes aesthetically  atop the eggs. We ate on the back porch, bathed in the sunlight and joined by sparrows and mourning doves at the bird feeder.

From cocoons to seeds to the nourishment we take into our bodies, may we always bear witness to the grace and power of transformation occurring right under our noses and on the back porch.

IMG_1501.jpgPhoto by JB


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5 Responses to Transformation under our noses and on the back porch

  1. mhorvich says:

    COVID 19 may have fine-tuned your awareness of the world around you but you have always been in tune with the beauty of life! Remember, always DO NOT make bowls!

  2. Kay says:

    This is a welcomed positive message at a challenging time in our lives’
    Thank you!

  3. Jerome B.Bloom says:

    I am fed by your words and our garden that give so much of your Love. The Polyphemus Moth
    is still hanging out in West Garden.

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