Judging books by their covers: I


Off and on this summer I have been organizing the multitude of books in our house. Over these many years I have picked up appealing old books with awesome illustrations, intriguing titles, and/or engaging covers. Some of them I have already used in artistic projects. Some I am still planning to use. Some are just beautiful to look at as they are.

These photos are of books from the first shelf (of 69+ shelves) of books in our house.

Above— The Works of Charles Lever Vol. IV: The Dodd Family, The Confessions of Con Cregan, New York: Collier Publishers, n.d. (Probably late 1800s at the height of Lever’s popularity).

Below—Little Journeys to the homes of the Great: Little Journeys to the Homes of Eminent Artists, Memorial Edition, (no author), New York: Roycrafters, 1916.

Bottom of post— Lady Missionaries in Foreign Lands by Mrs. E.R. Pitman, New York: Fleming H.Revell, n.d.



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