The dispatching of its Juicy Fruit


Today I was working to clean that grey stain on our very cheap plastic outdoor chairs using bleach, a method suggested by our next door neighbor. At first I was skeptical but, in fact, learned that bleach works rather well. Now, I am not writing this blog post to enlighten readers on a household handy hint. No Martha Stewart gems here.

I am writing this however to express my surprise, maybe shock is the better word, that at the rear edge of one of the chairs, someone had stuck a piece of gum! That’s right, someone who came to our house over the last couple of years and probably enjoyed our carefully prepared food and abundant adult beverage, intentionally took a piece of gum out of their mouth and stuck it to the bottom of one of our chairs while sitting in (and fully enjoying) our lush and verdant garden. We probably served them greens, vegetables, and fruit freshly harvested from that very garden. We may have even had a fire going in the fire pit.

What’s up with that?! I get it (sort of) if you are in some institutional place (like a school or a vast auditorium). But at someone’s house?!  Someone you know, someone you like, perhaps even love?! I mean, really?!

JB and I sat in the yard this evening gently brainstorming who the culprit might be. We had a few laughs imagining the possibilities, but still ultimately came up empty-handed. I guess you never know for certain, when someone says they enjoyed the bounty of our garden, what they really mean by the dispatching of its Juicy Fruit.


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2 Responses to The dispatching of its Juicy Fruit

  1. mhorvich says:

    Do you need something to admit their guilt? OK, I guess, I did it!

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