Gato Barbieri (1932-2016) RIP

The Argentinian saxophone player and composer, Gato Barbieri, has passed on. I remember seeing him in a blues/jazz venue in Chicago in the Lincoln Park neighborhood sometime in the mid 70s. The venue was small and intimate. It seemed almost as if he were playing in my apartment, obviously well before he became a famous celebrity. I loved listening to the romantic, gritty, lush, gravelly, warm, melodic, and edgy sounds he could coax out of his tenor saxophone. His music for The Last Tango in Paris is probably what he is best known for, but he produced some 35 albums over his lifetime, five of which I own and for a period of time played over and over again. I just pulled them out. It’s a good thing I still have a record player.

Adios maestro!

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1 Response to Gato Barbieri (1932-2016) RIP

  1. Jerome Bloom says:

    Like his MUSIC

    Very Much

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