I love writing on the blackboard!


Not a white board. Not a green board. It has to be a black board. And the board has to be super clean. Not erased with a lot of chalk residue and pentimento all over it. There is something so awesome, maybe even dramatic, about taking a piece of white chalk and scratching out information on it. It has become a kind of meditation, a graphic mantra, I do before school every day. It’s where I plan our day. It gets me centered and ready for the onslaught of middle school energy that will soon come bursting through the doors. Writing on a blackboard is one of the major reasons (aside from the students of course) that I became a teacher.

I guess you can tell by looking at this particular board that we are juggling quite a few  balls right now.

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4 Responses to I love writing on the blackboard!

  1. mhorvich says:

    You know they have “black board” paint. You can paint a door in your kitchen or studio and decorate it every day when you are retired! Knowing me, you won’t be surprised that on my black board, when I taught, on one of the square sections by the door (the board had seams,) I “magic markered parallel horizontal lines three inches apart from the top of the board to the chalk ledge. Here is where I put my day’s comments, work lists, preps, etc. I never drew pictures or did that list in free form … but I did use colored chalk often! And you are right about having an absolutely clean board to start off each day, never white dust and smudges and wipes all over!

  2. Jerome Bloom says:




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