Many miles before I sleep


I am presently buried beneath piles of research papers. Plugging along. They are taking me about 40 minutes to an hour apiece to grade. (Who were those politicians who complained about how easy a teacher’s life is, leaving school at 3:00?) I’m trying to give each student a lot of feedback, on content as well as format. This takes time. A lot of it. As a way to keep my brain fresh, I have been doing Tai Chi every five or so papers, getting a snack every ten. Every year I wonder, especially as I get closer to 43 papers graded, if my students really find my responses helpful or even useful.

Well, back to work. Many miles before I sleep.

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2 Responses to Many miles before I sleep

  1. mhorvich says:

    What do They say? Even if one student benefits, you have done your job! Last round for you. That should make it a little easier if not bittersweet!

  2. Jerome Bloom says:

    Have Always
    When I
    Was Teaching
    That Reaching
    Just ONE

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