Patrick Hughes, born 1939 in Birmingham UK, is a painter who has created reverspective or reverse perspective which is the optical illusion where the parts of the picture which are the closest are actually furthest from view.

Hughes says, “Reverspectives are three-dimensional paintings that when viewed from the front initially give the impression of viewing a painted flat surface that shows a perspective view. However as soon as the viewer moves their head even slightly the three dimensional surface that supports the perspective view accentuates the depth of the image and accelerates the shifting perspective far more than the brain normally allows. This provides a powerful and often disorienting impression of depth and movement. The illusion is made possible by painting the view in reverse to the relief of the surface, that is, the bits that stick farthest out from the painting are painted with the most distant part of the scene.”

According to wikipedia, Nicholas Wade and Thomas Papathomas of Rutgers University’s Laboratory of Vision Research have used Hughes’ work as the subject of scientific papers on the psychology of perception.

Paradoxically clever. Optically intriguing.

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    Very good!

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