Relaxing in the very warm and toasty here and now


The doorway in the photo above, left of center, opens to the Fire Sudatorium, a wood fire-heated, 170 degree sauna— a bit too hot for me.

Even though a large man was snoring in the Ocher Room Sauna (aka Yellow Soil Crystal Room), and the man who was giving me an hour long foot massage talked a bit too much to his fellow masseur while kneading my limbs, and one of the three hot pools was closed for repair, today’s morning at the very surreal King Spa was a welcomed respite from February chills and work stress, a time “to cleanse, refresh, and purify,” the words on the King Spa website. Spending almost four hours just taking care of ourselves, nurturing ourselves inside and out with heat (both wet and dry)— sauna naps, hot pools, an invigorating and serious massage, and warm and spicy Korean kimchi and tofu soup were the perfect way for JB and me to begin this long winter weekend.

It’s nice to have the opportunity to have nothing to do and nowhere to be — except relaxing in the very warm and toasty here and now.

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2 Responses to Relaxing in the very warm and toasty here and now

  1. Jerome Bloom says:

    Great Day


    No Kimchi

    For me

  2. mhorvich says:

    Lovely way to relax. Looking forward to using my gift card. Will say that the lounge area looks like it is made of recycled milk cartons!

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