Rob Cantor

Every Friday at school we have activity period, a time when students can sign up for a wide range of activities sponsored by faculty and staff at school. For years now I have sponsored Short Films where the students and I can share our favorite films from youtube or other sources. This is also a great opportunity for me to learn more about what is more culturally current and hip.

MG introduced all of us in Short Films to Rob Cantor (aka Yellow Tie) videos throughout the year. He is a musician, singer, and song-writer, stepping into the realm of music comedy as well. He was a vocalist and guitarist for the Michigan-based band Tally Hall from 2002-2011. Since then he has worked more exclusively on his viral videos.

“Shia Laboeuf” (above) is probably my favorite, where Rob Cantor narrates a gruesome story of the cannibalistic serial killer Shia Laboeuf. He is accompanied by the Los Angeles Gay Men’s Chorus, the West Los Angeles Children’s Choir, the Argus Quartet, and eight remarkable dancers.

Below is posted a video we watched this afternoon, “All I need is you,” a music video of a song on his most recent album, Not a Trampoline, or “all eye knead 15 you.” Eighth graders love these visual puns.

A great way to transition into the weekend.

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