I am walking work of art


JB’s photo of me in the Chicago Botanic Garden.

I am definitely not a winter coat person. In fact, I usually go as long as I can without one. Sometimes I make it all the way to February, realizing that March and the hint of spring is not too far ahead. I usually fool myself into thinking it makes the winter go faster. Over the years, my sister has found coats for me that she thinks I will like and actually they are the coats that come closest to some deep-seated appreciation (and use), but they don’t quite hit the mark. It’s an odd and quirky thing. I live in the midwest. There is no luxury of moderate climate in winter here.

This fall when I was in Ann Arbor visiting my mother, I stopped into a hardware store and on the wall I saw a coat that immediately grabbed me. (Of all the places in the world to see an awesome coat?!!) I immediately inquired. I was told there was a woman in town who made them out of Pendleton blankets and that I should contact her. She had blankets and fitted them to each of her clients.

And now I have a winter coat that I love. It’s incredibly warm (it’s a blanket afterall) and fits me perfectly. And its pattern is loud and bold and colorful and thumbs its nose at the brown and uninspired dreariness of winter (We haven’t had much snow yet). Even when the temperatures have not been too icy, I still reach for this coat. Winter and I have finally reached some sort of mutual understanding due to the bright and cheery and warm mediation and embrace of this coat.

As a friend commented, quoting Andrew Lloyd Weber:

I look handsome,
I look smart.
I am walking work of art.
Such a dazzling coat of colours.
How I love my coat of many colours.

(“Jacob and Sons” from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat)

(The designer and tailor of this amazing technicolor coat is Sheri Dufek.)

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  1. Jerome Bloom says:

    I agree

    with all

    of the


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