1,199,232,000 seconds have passed


Christmas Day full moon. An impressive photo that JB took last night just after we finished dinner.

38 years ago was the last time there was a full moon on Christmas. 13,880 days have passed since that date. 1,199,232,000 seconds have passed. Our hearts have beat approximately 1,399,104,000 times since then. The earth has travelled approximately 618,803,712,000 miles through space since the last full moon on Christmas Day. We have blinked our eyes approximately 199,872,000 times and have taken 103,133,952 steps, about 45,837 miles, since there was a full moon on this date.* The next full moon on Christmas Day will be in 34 years.

For whatever significance or meaning this holds for any of us, it is, at the very least, an objective marker of the relentless, unyielding, unforgiving beauty and poetry of the marching of time.

*data taken from Best of Dates

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