IMG_3729It has taken me a while. I have had to be reminded several times to do it. But today I finally sent my resignation letter to school. Everyone has known that I will be retiring this year but it hasn’t been made official. Of course, the school will need to hire someone new, but to do so they need my official resignation letter. I have been putting it off, perhaps because at some deep level I am feeling ambivalent about leaving something I love and feel so comfortable doing (for almost 35 years). But today in a short letter to the director of my school I wrote:

This has been a good run these almost 11 years. I have grown as a teacher, as a colleague, as a human being. Thank you for the opportunity to work at this most amazing school filled with awesome students (especially the ones who are the most challenging), incredible colleagues (especially the ones who push my thinking), committed administrators (especially the ones who truly listen and are open to change), and supportive staff (especially the ones who truly love their jobs and the kids).

This letter is to officially declare that I will be retiring at the end of this 2015-2016 school year, leaving my position as an 8th grade Humanities teacher.


Alright, that’s done. Now back to planning for Monday’s classes.

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