Micro-forest behind the faucet

IMG_3323Whenever we have some kind of root stalk of a vegetable left— like carrot, cabbage, celery (shown above)—I put the root end on a dish and splash it with water. What emerges are awesome micro-greens without any soil at all. Coaxing the life out of the stumps and food detritus after dinner gives me enormous joy. These end parcels of vegetables resurrect into a miniature garden, a kind of micro-forest behind the faucet. Every morning it’s amazing to see how much the plants have grown overnight and each evening too when I get home after work. Of course these greens can be eaten, but somehow I love to let them grow as long as they can. At a certain point the energy runs out and these diminutive and compact flora die. (I probably need to experiment with planting them into some soil before their demise.) But for now, once they begin to wither, they journey to the compost, making room for the new root ends from the batch of vegetables for the next meal.

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1 Response to Micro-forest behind the faucet

  1. Jerome Bloom says:

    Nice going faucet gardener

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