Glowing bones of an ignored mystery

IMG_3285A spectacular sky this morning on my way to school. The sun had not yet risen. 6:15am. A half crescent moon looking like the x-ray outline of a brilliant white bowl in the dark sky. And beneath it a very bright star, Venus, much larger and brighter than even the plane in the distance. So large, in fact, I did a double take, squinting my eyes to cut its glare so that I might glimpse its center more clearly. Further toward the horizon and in seeming alignment with the moon and Venus was Jupiter, also bright, but less so than Venus. Breathtaking. I tried to capture the image with my iphone but the street lights distorted the image.

While we on earth busy ourselves with getting ourselves to work, scheduling repairmen for broken appliances, grading papers, picking up groceries, and cleaning the house for guests, the universe pulsates with the glowing bones of an ignored mystery no one remembers anymore.

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