T’ai Chi on a bed of roses

IMG_1702 (2)There were rose petals all around. My guess— the floral remains of a weekend wedding or at the very least, of a weekend photo shoot for a wedding. Someone said they saw a ribbon adorned with small pearls laying about under the bushes. Majestic trees. The lake in the distance. An idyllic setting.

And then, very early this morning, “Existence before heaven and earth”—- petals everywhere. “Grasping the sparrow’s tail”— yet more rose petals. Even “Repulse the monkey” — all movements complemented by roses.

Doing T’ai chi is clearly NOT a bed of roses— it is incredibly challenging and takes enormous concentration and control. But ON a bed of roses? Well, a perfect way to keep a half smile on your face for the whole of the class.

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1 Response to T’ai Chi on a bed of roses

  1. Ekaterina says:

    Doing Tai Chi outside is double the pleasure. And yes, if it was easy we would not enjoy it as much. Although my instructor tells us that “you do Tai Chi by not doing anything” – he is a philosopher 🙂 Thanks for sharing! Nice perspective for a picture with the shadow. Should try and experiment with it one day.

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