Not too much is better than that


My friend Michael took me on an adventure today to Richmond Illinois to a place called by the owner’s name— Ginger Blossom. He even packed a lunch for us—peanut butter and jelly (raspberry) sandwiches on toasted(!) whole grain bread, chips, cookies, applesauce, a bottle of water. The only thing missing, he said, was a note from your mother.

It’s hard to describe Ginger Blossom’s place, but it is a farm, in fact the very farm she grew up on, with every building, cottage, barn on the place stuffed to the gills with ethnic and traditional items for sale, including furniture, that Ginger herself has gathered on her many trips overseas. (She has been doing this for 22 years!) There were surprises at every turn and there were lots of turns (and floors) to take. Wandering the farm was like making a sacred pilgrimage, discovering all sorts of precious treasure along the way. At Ginger Blossom, organic vegetables are also grown and part of the harvest is for sale as well.

Today was a remarkable day filled with the power of objects — of works made by sincere and skilled craftsmen from around the world— and of friendship — laid-back and easy. Not too much is better than that.

The last two photos are two of the treasures I brought home— a terra cotta, hand-painted Indonesian Buddha and a hand-carved shrine of travel Buddhas from Nepal.


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5 Responses to Not too much is better than that

  1. Ellen Simon says:

    I thought you were ready to get rid of stuff, not add to the collection.
    Looks like a really fun place.

  2. Steph says:

    I stumbled upon this doing a Google images search. I know you stopped by a year ago, but I work at Ginger’s and I just wanted to let you know that the Buddha bust is from Nepal, and the shrine is from Thailand. Not to be a know-it-all jerk or anything, but I just felt bad that maybe one of us gave you the wrong information. 🙂

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