Temporary slice of nirvana


In the garden all day. Putting out fresh compost in the back and front gardens, smelling the newly opened peonies every time I passed them. I walked nearly three and a half miles in the six hours I was out there. I weeded, did some planting, cleared the patio area, trimmed the day lilies growing over the path (yet again!), recycled the old hose.

It feels good to be outside and put my fingers in the dirt, with the sun warming me inside and out. It feels good to work my way through the chaos of nature, deliberate as well as wild, and find solace and uplift in working with my hands. With the heady peony perfume, divine and sustaining, filling me, there were no stresses or worries able to invade this temporary slice of nirvana.

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2 Responses to Temporary slice of nirvana

  1. anvilcrow says:

    this feeling

    with you

    Never let it go

  2. I miss that at the condo. I have flowers on the balcony and the table out there but the only involvement was putting them in place and now watering them every day, which does give me a little pleasure but not near the experience of having a garden!

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