Student locker

IMG_0600This is a panoramic shot of a locker just outside my classroom. I heard lots of noise this morning and came into the hallway. The student, whom I don’t teach and is in a younger grade, was trying to close her locker and was becoming frustrated at not being able to. I’m not really sure what she uses her locker for. She might as well just use the recycling bin only a few feet away. It would save her a step or two.

What is unnerving is that this is what my locker used to look like in middle school. Perhaps this signals that there is definitely hope for this student. Not that my executive is functioning much better than the filing system shown in the photo. My piles, in their maturity, have taken on a creative and intentional look.

We’re close to the end of the school year. In three weeks we will toss all this detritus away, but then, in September, we get to start all over again.

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  2. I remember what the halls looked like on the last day of school. There was enough garbage/recycle to populate a many dumpsters. Not only were students emptying their lockers but teachers were also cleaning house. When I close my eyes I literally can picture what feels like walking through what felt like the recycling center or garbage dump that you see on TV with the poor sorting through the building sized piles to find an edible banana or wearable shirt.

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