Absolutely splendid


I spent a solid 8 hours in the garden today (only a ten minute break for some peanut butter) clearing the detritus from last year and planting 5 kinds of tomatoes, 3 kinds of peppers, melons, squash, 2 kinds of kale, and arugula that we grew from seed since mid-March. I rebuilt the wall behind the tomatoes which had toppled this spring either from a critter and his family who seem to be living beneath it or from the general shaking of the neighborhood and the nearby trains which pass many times a day. JB cleared the bean patch and the two of us dug out a dead Rose of Sharon. I trimmed the dead branches from our large rose bush and trimmed the day lily leaves so they would no longer overhang the path from the house to the garage (when it rained yesterday my pants were absolutely soaked from walking through these leaves on my way to school). I refilled the big planters and dug out and composted some of the abundance of ferns and lilies of the valley (we have already given lots of day lilies to the neighbors). Of course, I was occasionally distracted by the last of the tulips, and the just opening tree peonies and allium throughout the garden.

I walked nearly two miles working in the garden according to my fitbit. JB made me a large Campari and soda when I finally came in. After I took a shower, we walked to a local Mexican restaurant for burritos.

My shoulders and lower back ache. My hands are incredibly dry from being in dirt all day. But I feel absolutely splendid. So does the garden.


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4 Responses to Absolutely splendid

  1. Are your peonies in?

  2. Ellen Simon says:

    Boy, do I miss peonies. I was surprised when Rachel ordered them for her wedding bouquet, but maybe she remembers them from her childhood. Glad to hear it’s really spring in Chicago.

  3. anvilcrow says:



    In the


    With you

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