The everyday as large as the sacred

Syd Lieberman died today. We already miss his immense heart and compassionate humanity, his inspired ability to make the everyday as large as the sacred through every story he told. Genuine and truthful and loving, he was able to move us all to higher ground.

I am utterly sad, beyond words.


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5 Responses to The everyday as large as the sacred

  1. I found out about his passing from his dear friend and colleague Susan O’halloran, both story tellers that are able to move you to embrace a larger world! I had the occasion to hear him several times with Susan. How did you know him?

  2. thank you. I too heard from Sue last night and have been waking and waking thinking of how remarkable Syd was in every way. His storytelling as you say was sacred, embued with authenticity and love – but his person was his storytelling into the world as well – a candle, a blessing, a sweetness.

  3. anvilcrow says:



  4. Laurie says:

    I too am sad and grateful for all that his heart and talents brought us .

  5. 2kop says:

    I very much enjoyed meeting and working with Syd. My stories about him will live on.

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