Requiem for a Camry

IMG_3866Today, my son, who has been driving our 2000 Camry for the past 2 or 3 years (first purchased 15 years ago, in part, to accommodate his long legs) sold it to the auto shop where it has been taken for repairs for most of its life. They probably will use it for parts but maybe will work on it in their spare time to give it new life. The car has served all of us well—reliable, trustworthy, steadfast. With cracked windshield, over 202,000 miles, busted AC, heater which only works on high, cracked left axle, clogged charcoal filter, and the driver’s door handle that broke last week, it was time to let it thrive in a more assisted living/ organ donor status.

Here’s to the 202, 038 miles of adventures and journeys you carried us through safely. We will miss you and all those recognizable grunts, spits, and clicks you have acquired over the years. RIP.

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2 Responses to Requiem for a Camry

  1. Dusty, used Camry … farewell.

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