Internet down

network cables RJ45 connected to a switchSince Sunday, our internet has been down. It’s not the first time that we have had trouble with Comcast and have finally decided to change providers. Our new provider, AT&T Uverse, will not be activated until Friday.

Indeed we all know about the pull of the internet– the constant need to check emails and other random but somehow engaging surfings on the net. I have often thought about the waste of time the entertainment of surfing has provided. I do have a cell phone so keeping up with these communications has not been impossible. At work, too, the internet is up and running. It’s not a complete divorce.

But the flavor of my evenings has totally changed. I actually have the time to get my clothes together for the next day and not have to scramble for them in the morning.  I linger a little bit after dinner in conversation with JB. Tonight I polished JB’s parents’ old brass candlesticks we brought back from California on our last visit. Last night I spent some time clearing my desk of the continual detritus that accumulates there. I worked on a puzzle of the Map of the Heavens originally created by Andreas Cellarius in the 17th century. I wrote a snail mail condolence card. I filed my nails, went through and sorted the mail (usually a weekend chore), and still had time to grade student homework on Lincoln’s First Inaugural. I even called my mother.

There is a lesson here. Hopefully I’ll remember it after Friday.

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  1. Hate to say the obvious. It looks like you are spending way too much time on the internet 🙂

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