Mrouzia for the New Year


Last night JB and I planned an extensive and delicious New Year’s meal, whose centerpiece was Mrouzia, a very important Morrocan dish usually served during Eid al-Adha, the Muslim Festival of the Sacrifice of Ishmael (the sacrifice of Isaac in the Judeo-Christian version), therefore made with lamb, the traditional animal sacrificed in ancient religious rites.

This is basically a sweet and savory lamb stew or tagine, and since neither of us eat much meat any more, it was a special celebratory treat. It is also prepared with ras el hanout, which basically translates as a “top shelf” of spices, a kind of garam masala of North Africa.

Of course, the most important ingredient is the teamwork needed in the planning of the meal, the shopping for the food, and the gathering of the spices (not an easy task in our extensive spice collection) together; the cooperative spirit needed in the cutting, measuring, and stirring (especially step number 5 to prevent the stew from sticking to the bottom of the pan!). Working together in this kitchen, as the collective anticipation of the meal grows with the spicy aroma permeating the house, creates a delicious intimacy.

An abundant 2015 to all!



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  1. Food for the soul and body.

  2. anvilcrow says:


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