Reserve of gracefulness

tai chiToday I learned the last of the movements in the T’ai chi form. Actually I have really completed only half of the movements because to do the whole exercise, all the movements need to be reversed and completed on the opposite side. Nonetheless, this is quite an accomplishment. There is much to refine and clean up, especially my footwork which is a bit sloppy and there is much to do to get everything totally into my muscle memory. My teacher said I will need to work on these moves for a year before I begin to attempt their mirrored parts. That’s fine with me.

Knowing all the choreography has liberated me to focus on the details, to smooth out the rough edges, to find the flow of the form more naturally. In working to slow down the movements and in creating a stillness because of the requisite concentration, I have located a reserve of gracefulness I never knew I possessed.

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