One star Amazon reviews for Fahrenheit 451

fahrenheit-451-book-cover1I’ve been trying to read some of the “modern classics” that I never got around to. Good thing this one was really short because it was a rambling, boring, snooze fest.

While the premise of this story is an interesting one, I did not like the way it was written. Most of the time I couldn’t even follow what was going on.

its so weird
and dumb

This books sucks so much. It is the worst, most pretentious piece of crap I have ever read. I had to read it for school and I couldn’t even finish this poorly written atrocious piece of crap. If this book had a face, I’d punch it in the balls. Zero stars.

An exercise in idiocy, this book should not be read by anyone who values his or her time. You won’t learn anything and will ultimately be puzzled as I was when you reach the end of the book. Yet another “classic” that doesn’t deserve the title.

After reading this, all I wanted to do was flip on the TV and watch Three’s Company reruns in order the cleanse the palate.

If we have to burn books I put this one up to get burned straight away.

i think Bradbury was probably drunk while he was writing this book.

first of all i was assigned to read this book for a class. it started out lame. and all it did was get worse. who cares about a firefighter who burns book. now come on, i could write a book, about books,ten times better then that. maybe if the books had names and talked then maybe it would of caught my attention.

Please dont read this book for the good of humanity. If you read this, you will not only fall asleep but you will also just slap yourself in the head when you are finished. The idea behind society “dumbifying” (yes I understand that isn’t a word)will never happen because a plethora of people still read books and buildings will NEVER become fire proff due to their being WOOD WHICH IS FLAMMABLE in houses. So then firemen would still have their same old job. BBBBBBBBBOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRIIIIIINNNNNNNNNGGGGGG

ok at first i jumped at the idea when in the future they burn books since i am not a big book worm. then when i started reading it i frequently got lost! you cannot wonder or your like “what?” the plot is dumb i could have done whole lot better! in the description too. and then i came to a conclusion “its a book and it talks about banning abd burning books”…hmmm…. “how dumb!”

Is 451 degrees really the temp books burn at? If it is, then I will imediatly torch the books to bits and pieces. The book proves one point to me: burning books and their society is much better than ours where Farenheit 451 can be published

this book is about burning books.. I think my stepson would like to burn it, as it is a hard story to follow. Of course this is required reading for his 9th grade class, so he was forced into it. my wife read it along with him and was just as confused. don’t read for pleasure… you might die.

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3 Responses to One star Amazon reviews for Fahrenheit 451

  1. Christopher says:

    Oh my, these are hilarious. Really, this was hysterical. For enjoyment, I’ll sometimes read reviews of classics on Amazon. They’re really funny.

    One wonders whether they realize that these books have probably been labeled “classics” for a reason…

  2. So, Jan, where is the “point” “counterpoint?”

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