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“Yes, the dogs are loose.”

Jane Byrne died last Friday (1933-2014). She was the first and only female mayor of Chicago, lasting for only a term 1979-1983, replaced by Chicago’s only black mayor, Harold Washington. Though she ran as a reformer, she was trained in the … Continue reading

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“Jane and the Cane” by Lydia Davis

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Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

We have been watching Mr Smith Goes to Washington all week and finally finished it today. It’s such a perfect film–so well acted (Jean Arthur and Jimmy Stewart are superb), so relevant to the role of money in politics today. At … Continue reading

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Letting the Constitution get under your skin

Yes, it’s that time of year. A week from today the 8th graders at our school will take the Constitution test. Because our school receives federal funding, 8th graders are required to pass this test in order to graduate and … Continue reading

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The peculiar aesthetics of the three elevens

Today is Veterans Day, the day which originally commemorated the Armistice of World War I. On this day, the eleventh day of the eleventh month (1918) at precisely 11:00am (French time) hostilities ceased. In fact, soldiers were still being attacked, wounded, … Continue reading

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The winter of our discontent

It has been difficult listening to the news lately. While riding to and from work, I find myself turning it off in favor of some music or a food or science podcast. The results of the last election are still … Continue reading

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Alaska and Oregon—Too far to drown my sorrows

xxxxxxx Someone please— Cheer. Me. Up. Alaska and Oregon —Too far to drown my sorrows.

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Vote on Tuesday!

Right now my students are studying the Constitution, reading this document word for word. Not an easy task. Some of the language is ambiguous, lots of double negatives and dependent clauses, complicated syntax, new vocabulary. But we have learned the … Continue reading

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“Ten thousand times and much more slowly”

“Ten thousand times and much more slowly.” These are the words of my qigong and T’ai chi teacher. It is often the intent of exercise in our culture to work quickly, working up a sweat, getting the heart rate to speed … Continue reading

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Galway Kinnell (1927-2014)

Galway Kinnell died last Tuesday at the age of 87. He was the first poet my husband introduced to me (through his many poetry books) some 30 years ago as we were beginning the journey of learning about each other. … Continue reading

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