The winter of our discontent

IMG_7728It has been difficult listening to the news lately. While riding to and from work, I find myself turning it off in favor of some music or a food or science podcast. The results of the last election are still too raw. At home I have found myself going through piles and throwing things away, taking care of way more household loose ends than is my usual behavior.

This weekend IB came over the house to install in our kitchen a shelving unit he had created from scratch made out of plumbing pipes and fittings and carefully sanded wood. He used this in his old apartment, but because he will soon be leaving for Japan again, he needed to find it a new home. Of course the wall where the shelves were to be located hadn’t been painted in many years which was especially obvious after we removed all the paintings and stray tsotchkes that were there. I went to the paint store and got some paint and by the time IB arrived, I was almost finished painting the wall.

With Avalokiteshvara and Ganesh on the top shelf with some of my sister’s ceramics, spices on the next shelf down (including many harvested from our own garden), followed by our collection of half moon (mezzaluna and ulu) knives (including JB’s grandfather’s -far right- and his mother’s third from left) and the grains I use for my morning cereal, and finally our vast and varied selection of teas, I feel so much more nurtured and centered. Though the political arena has left me confused, frustrated, and a bit angry, in my kitchen, my comforts are out of the closet, organized, fully exposed, and close at hand. Perhaps this will help me through the winter of our discontent.

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