“Oh no I got distracted by drawing lines on my hand.”

IMG_7282A student has been sharing with me the peripheral entries in her journal/notebook after class on most days. Today, and with great pride, she showed me her entry in her journal and then the actual hand it was based on (see photo below for the recording of this distraction). I’m not entirely clear why she is determined to show me these random entries as opposed to her detailed Constitution notes or reflections on some deep and meaningful quote I have given the students (well, I do have a few theories…). She also finds it personally exciting to be the first person in the class and the last to leave the room.

In class she is mostly on task and regularly shares her very honest comments about the material we are exploring. She always asks pretty meaningful and thoughtful questions always framed with a healthy skepticism. There is something so very dry and droll, sophisticated and witty, delightfully quirky about this student’s humor, intelligence, and point of view. She is very engaged in class activities, but I don’t think that even if I were to make my classroom activities yet more engaging that she would stop this recording of a stray and random doodle or thought, or stop its sharing with me at the end of class.

I really, really, really find this student absolutely fascinating. I don’t know exactly what trajectory she will take this year, but I am enthusiastically there for the ride.


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