Wedge of Dawn


A wedge of dawn this morning as I worked my way south to work. Up late preparing for class and grading papers. Up early to get to school before traffic on Lake Shore Drive gets too solid and clogged and before the parking becomes impossible in Hyde Park. Somehow today’s wedge of dawn made it all worthwhile, pushing open the day at the lake’s horizon in stunning triangular beauty. It’s all I can do to pour coffee into my body to wedge open my eyes.

It’s a sacred experience having the lake accompany me at my left on my morning journey to work each day, on my right as I head home. I just have to remind myself to pay attention.

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3 Responses to Wedge of Dawn

  1. I really enjoy the way you pay attention. xo S

  2. Jerome Bloom says:



    The wedge

    The Blue

    The White Flipper Thingy

    Your Vision


  3. Ellen Simon says:

    You ought to try riding a bike on the path along the beach which I did in my youth from Foster to my downtown summer job. Always an inspiring trip.

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