Ah, Romanesco

prod001914_lgWho would have thought that at my age, I had never before seen, let alone eaten, romanesco. My sister and I went to a farmer’s market in Ann Arbor last weekend and ran across these very alien-looking, otherworldly members of the cauliflower family. Most people describe this vegetable as a cross between a broccoli and a cauliflower with a more earthy, nuttier flavor. The romanesco was first documented in 16th century Italy. It has been around for quite a while.

Visually, as is clear, this vegetable is absolutely stunning. Each floret grows as a fractal, demonstrating the fibonacci sequence.  And if this weren’t enough, the colors of the greens and soft, soft burgundies only enhance the taste of this food which can be eaten raw or sautéed or baked.

Tonight’s omelette was complemented by a wedge of the visually stimulating and savory romanesco. We chewed and digested beauty this evening. Life is good.


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1 Response to Ah, Romanesco

  1. Ellen Simon says:

    I could see using the cut shape to paint and use as a stamp. Maybe you could save some for me.

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