Los Intocables


consequence of readily available weapons in the U.S.

Erik Ravelo, a Cuban artist, has created a series of works called Les Intocables, The Untouchables, pieces that speak to the insecurity and lack of well-being of children in our society and to the right that all children need to be safeguarded. Ravelo calls this series a “human installation” and says that,  “The right to childhood should be protected.” These images of children as victims sacrificed on crosses, representing an array of abuses they are subject to, are incredibly disturbing and powerful.

Facebook has censored this work by shutting down Ravelo’s entire site, where he had posted the series of photos. There have been a lot of complaints from users claiming the inappropriateness of the near nudity of the children. It seems what is really laid bare in these photographs is the harsh reality for many children on our planet—the exploitation of the most innocent at the hands of immorality and greed. It seems that shouts of indignant protest should be coming from the viewers of these images about the shocking issues these images represent. Otherwise our backs remain turned, just as the perpetrators’ and Facebook’s.

(Thank you Michael for the link.)


pedophilia in the Catholic Church


trafficking of organs on the black market


fast-food restaurants’ responsibility for childhood obesity


child sexual abuse in tourism in Thailand


war in Syria


nuclear proliferation and chemical weapons

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  1. Lar Bowe says:

    Thanks for this….it needs to be seen and discussed!

  2. Jerome Bloom says:

    Should Be
    On The

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