Mary Margaret O’Hara

How have I never heard of her before? I always thought I was a pretty hip person, especially when it came to music and when it came to music in the last thirty years. Mary Margaret O’Hara is a unique songwriter and vocalist, emphasis here is on unique. Her style is offbeat both figuratively and, in truth, quite literally and her music so difficult to describe — quirky, haunting, almost otherworldly, sometimes delirious. She says about her music and performance, “It’s about letting it happen as much as making it happen, like a fun ride that you’re directing and letting happen. It’s kind of focused-unfocused, or lost and found at the same time.” You must to listen to her.

She is a cult figure with a large fan base in Canada and some have labeled her a national treasure. I randomly found her looking for something entirely different- part of the joy (and sometimes frustration) of an internet search. She has only produced two albums, Miss America in 1988 and Apartment Hunting in 2001 (a soundtrack to a small Canadian film directed by Bill Robertson) and a Christmas EP in 1991.

I have gathered a couple examples of her work. Listen and be amazed.


The Cry of Man

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