“One Hundred Foot Journey” as comfort food

This is one more for the food movie list–The One Hundred Foot Journey. Though entirely predictable, this movie felt great to watch with its visual lingerings on fabulous Indian and French cuisine and on the gorgeous produce in the French market of a small village in the Pyrennes. Leaving India after their restaurant was burned down in a political riot, the Kadam family (minus the mother who died in the fire), find themselves in southern France and decide to open an Indian restaurant, right across the road from a one star Michelin classic French restaurant run by the hard-edged, perfection-focused Helen Mirren. This inspires some mean-spirited competition.

As the predictable (and almost corny) plot unfolded, somehow the movie evolved for me into comfort food. Yes, the young talented Indian chef (Manish Dayal) falls for the sous chef (Charlotte Le Bon) at the fancy French restaurant. Yes the talented Indian chef goes to Paris and becomes famous. Yes he returns to run the fancy French restaurant in the small french village with the lovely sous chef as business (and romantic) partner. Yes the obstinate Helen Mirren and the stubborn patriarch of the Kadam family (played by the marvelous Om Puri) have a romance. And yes, it felt so good to watch.  Not intellectually or emotionally challenging, but delicious nonetheless. Comfort food for the soul.

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