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Sinking my teeth into t’ai chi

I was late to t’ai chi today, missing the warm-up. First I had misplaced my keys and spent some time searching for them. (They were underneath the magazine I was reading last night.) When I had driven practically the whole way … Continue reading

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“Variations on the Moment of Apprehending the Extent of One’s Responsibilities” by Craig Morgan Teicher

Variations on the Moment of Apprehending the Extent of One’s Responsibilities 1 that minute subdivision of time during which the full consequence flickers, just before the door clicks shut but just after you could have stopped it from shutting, when … Continue reading

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July morning

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First Herbal Harvest

Here are the first harvest of herbs hanging to dry: fruity sage, silver thyme, french thyme, rosemary, greek oregano, golden delicious sage, mint, lavender, spicy oregano, volunteer thyme, and some epazote (to the left). When these herbs are dried and … Continue reading

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Mary Delany’s Flowers

I just finished the book The Paper Garden by the Canadian poet Molly Peacock about an 18th century woman on the fringes of aristocracy in England, who, in the last decade of her life, invented the technique of collage, creating 985 collaged images … Continue reading

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OK Go’s “The Writing’s on the Wall”

This song/ video, “The Writing’s on the Wall” is all about perspective and how one’s perspective colors what one sees, how one’s perspective can play tricks on our understanding. This video’s illusions are impressive especially because the video was made … Continue reading

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July 4th fireworks…

…in our garden and all day long.

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