Sinking my teeth into t’ai chi


I was late to t’ai chi today, missing the warm-up. First I had misplaced my keys and spent some time searching for them. (They were underneath the magazine I was reading last night.) When I had driven practically the whole way to class, I discovered I had forgotten my “flipper” (a temporary false tooth while I await the completion of an implant). I drove all the way back home to put the false tooth in place (ah, vanity).

Then a half an hour into class, a workman riding a gas mower came barreling through. Loudly. We had to stop class for a few moments while he cut the grass where we were t’ai chi-ing. We watched his own practiced choreography around trees and benches in the clearing.

The fabulous news is that for the rest of the class, that “green” smell of freshly cut grass, almost heady, filled our senses and every move. The powerful herby scent was simultaneously invigorating and calming. It made me feel very centered. (There was a persistent soft smile on my lips, even on the ride back home.)

I was really able to sink my teeth into t’ai chi today.

Freshly_cut_grass_by_Doxhoont - Version 2

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