Audacious Volunteer— Feverfew

IMG_5369The mystery plant in our garden has finally revealed itself—Feverfew or Bachelor’s Buttons. In the place where we grow kale and next to the squash, the hollyhock, garlic, and potatoes, this healthy volunteer appeared early in the spring. Because it was so assertive and confident, bold and insistent, we let it grow, curious what it was.

The flowers are small, maybe a half inch across, but numerous and the plant is supposed to bloom all summer. Traditionally feverfew was used to lower a fever (hence its name) and to get rid of migraines. A Modern Herbal says that “planted around dwellings, it is said to purify the atmosphere and ward off disease.”

And to think we almost tore the feverfew out by its roots. It’s not always easy to recognize blessings when they arrive, especially when they appear seemingly randomly and audaciously voluntarily.

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