Abelardo Morell

View of Central Park looking north

View of Central Park looking north, 2014

Last summer JB and I saw an incredible exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago. It was the very first retrospective of the photographer Abellardo Morell. He has experimented with the camera obscura, among other things, where he has darkened a room and then made a photo of the upside down image projected on the wall inside, of the world outside of the space. These images are incredibly intriguing especially as they wash over furniture, the structures of the room, the pictures on the walls. The video below describes his method for producing these images.

Extending this idea even further, he created the tent camera where he uses a similar method (with a periscope instead of simply a hole) to project the outside images against the textures of ground, gravel, and asphalt.


View of Rio Grande and Mexico Near Boquillas Canyon, Big Bend National Park, Texas, 2011

SchematicHe also loves books (as I do) and has created a visual portfolio that exudes their visceral textures and weight, their powerful sensory characteristics. His vision is totally inspiring.

View of St. Louis looking east in Building under Construction, 2000

View of St. Louis looking east in Building under Construction, 2000


Book with wavy pages


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  1. Jerome Bloom says:

    Looks like
    You are
    Getting ready
    For your
    Art work

    It was
    An inspiring

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