The energy of the morning glory

IMG_5243Most everything is planted in the garden and now the battle is on — the battle to keep morning glories from strangling everything that’s growing. Yes, the morning glory flowers are lovely, their colors vibrant, the unswirling of their buds stunning, but they will take over a garden. Years ago we innocently, naively planted some and since then the morning glories have tried to take the lilies, the tomatoes, the eggplant, the raspberries down. Last year’s entanglement with the beans was epic. Yes, morning glories (opening in the morning and closing at the end of day) can be a selfish glory for themselves and will choke anything that gets in their way. One wonders why this botanical intensity exists for this plant. What reason has afforded the morning glory this evolutionary muscle?

So each day, sometimes twice a day, I look for this telltale sprout (see photo above), pervasive throughout the garden, and uproot it before it devours all that we have planted. And perhaps this is the purpose of the morning glory— to remind us that all things need careful tending, that anything worth reaping must be nurtured and cultivated, that we should take nothing for granted; to remind us that sometimes beauty can be destructive as well as generative; and to remind us that ultimately we really have no control over nature at all, that though we try to set limits and boundaries, it is extremely difficult to contain wild and exuberant beauty. Sometimes just giving in to the energy of the morning glory is the best that we can do.


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3 Responses to The energy of the morning glory

  1. joepyeweed1 says:

    I recognize that green sprout!! I have picked a lot of them out of the garden each year, but some always get away and I enjoy a few flowers late in the summer!

  2. Jerome Bloom says:

    Ran strings
    From ground
    up into the
    Grand old
    West Garden Maple
    And Morning Glories
    To the
    HA HA

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