Spring is in the air

IMG_4731I can always tell when spring is in the air. It usually occurs when the young students in my class become a bit more interested in each other and  have even less self-control than they are usually able to muster during the rest of the year.

The season has been egging on TM since late February. He has been having some difficulty keeping his shirt covering his body. It always seems to creep up over his head exposing his stomach. Every day I have to remind him, “T, put your shirt down!” It’s almost as if his hands have a life of their own and find themselves rubbing his belly without any apparent consciousness on his part.

Today, to great cheers and applause, I grabbed a roll of packing tape and taped his shirt to his shorts. You can see the results in the photo above. He loved the attention. Of course, the taped shirt only lasted a period because the teacher in his next class made him remove the tape, thinking it was just another one of his stunts.

There are only four more weeks of school. For spring and hormones, I hope I have stockpiled enough tape.

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One Response to Spring is in the air

  1. writeejit says:

    Love it! That spring-in-the-air thing is hard to control. My son’s first grade teacher has been taking the class outside each day to build fairyhouses (and run wild in the meadow). Tonight all the families picniced outside, got to see the kids’ creations and watch them do a Four Seasons dance with scarves amongst the dandelions. Exuberant and fun for all! I’ll pass on the packing tape tip to the teacher though. She may need it in the coming weeks.

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