Drinking games

IMG_3746IMG_3759Every Friday morning we have an extended advisory. One of the students brings breakfast treats for us all to share. There are usually a variety of activities, discussions, tasks, and announcements with which we are involved while we munch. Advisory is a place where students bring their concerns and issues, questions and stories. I am their advocate in the larger context of school and in the personal context of family.

Yesterday was the first beautiful sunny Friday after this very long and intense winter. The students were filled with the high energy of spring and clearly wanted to just hang out. One of the boys in the advisory decided to encourage a “drinking game,” something he said he saw on Jimmy Fallon.

Four of the boys each filled three glasses of orange juice and set them on the table in front of them. The idea was to drink one, then strategically flip the empty glass until it stood right side up. They would then move to the second glass and then the third. The point was to be the first with all three glasses standing upright. The rest of the advisory gathered round, cheering them on. The energy was fever pitch. The competitors out for blood.

It was odd watching the spirited competition. I suddenly saw them all in college, five years from now, playing this very game late at night with glasses filled with beer or some other adult beverage they were required to chug before flipping the glass. I imagined them all older, far away from Chicago and from the small, hopefully meaningful, community we have built this year. I imagined them all fully formed (are we ever?) and wondered what possible long-lasting impact we have all had on each other. What pieces of our experiences together would sustain time?

When DN won and JK followed barely a second behind, the advisory was laughing and celebrating. The boys called for a second run-off. Zesty, gendered, loud, and focused, the championship continued enthusiastically, the boys and their audience filled with contagious exuberance.

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