Lilies in Lilliput


“Our Lily” and “Arum Lily” are the perfect visual gateway into April. The images above appeared in Lilliput Pocket Omnibus 1937/38 which was a humorous publication produced by Stefan Lorant, a photojournalist, author, and filmmaker. The magazine was known for Lorant’s juxtapositions of images for political or aesthetic effects. The left photo of the dancer was taken by Dr. Krohn from Praha (Prague). The photo on the right was taken by Felix Man. The synergy between these two images is visually stunning.

Born in Hungary in 1901, Lorant moved to Germany when he was 18 and was involved in the creation of 14 films, many of which he directed or wrote. He became an editor for Münchner Illustrierte Presse, a German photo magazine, whose work inspired the style of Life Magazine.When Hitler came to power, Lorant was imprisoned solely because of his work as an editor. When he was released 6 months later, he escaped to Great Britain eventually moving to the United States in 1940 where he died in 1996. (He wrote the book I was Hitler’s Prisoner documenting his experience, along with several other photo and history books.)

Here’s to the lilies — and to the provocative and stimulating connections of the seemingly disparate.

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