The designated walker

1922408_695512280499167_1369263334_nLast night we were invited to the “friends and family” night at the Peckish Pig. It’s a new brew pub that is opening tomorrow and is about two blocks from our house. Last night was an opportunity for the new staff to “practice.” This meant free food and drinks, all in the name of helping the restaurant to become more efficient and discover where the glitches were in service and food preparation. I could get real used to this kind of work.

We ate way too much of the well-prepared food and only drank a little (it was a school night after all). But I’m thinking this will be a fine place to wander to, once the weather gets a little warmer, after a hot afternoon in the garden (there will be an outdoor patio) and my spirits need a little nurturing.

I will even volunteer to be the designated walker.


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