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Gregory leaning left

Gregory leaning left leaning over soft spoken in wheel chair not walking eyes droopy eyes closed eyes open eating chocolate eating more chocolate blood pressure high blood pressure high again hard time leaning back hard time straightening up we lean … Continue reading

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JB’s Valentine Full Moon

After a delicious meal of fresh tuna, chard and kale, rice with Kagoshima grains, accompanied by a bottle of Kame (a rich Spanish red table wine acquired from our wine club), JB went outside and captured the full Valentine moon. … Continue reading

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Dendrobium and Laeliocattleya in Rogers Park

Dendrobium Nobile Love Memory “Fizz” has landed in Rogers Park and has located a warm, well-lit space in the eastern windows on Wolcott Ave. Reports are that it is acclimatizing well and is powering up to bloom very soon. It … Continue reading

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Symmetry—A Palindromic Film

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Lulu’s is closed

Lulu’s is closed. I remember when they first opened just a block away from their present site. IB was just 5 or 6 years old and would often run around the floor when we would go there to eat. Our … Continue reading

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J. M. W. Turner’s Snowstorm

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Melting at Qigong

Out of the window today at Qigong, the ice was melting. Rapidly. The long frozen needles representing the past months of bitter winter were succumbing to the brilliant sunshine. Inside too, my muscles were softening and thawing to the loosened … Continue reading

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Leonard Solomon’s Majestic Bellowphone, Oomphalapompatronium, and the Emphatic Chromatic Forte Calliopianope

Leonard Solomon has been called the Dr. Seuss of street performers and after watching his musically whimsical performances on his unusual and imaginative hand-built instruments, the moniker is more than apt. He studied guitar and early music at Antioch College and … Continue reading

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Arctic survival safety valve

I think it’s the cold or maybe the six more inches of snow we got the other night or the report of the anticipated millionth snow storm predicted for this weekend. Maybe it’s the traffic jams or the slippery streets … Continue reading

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Antonio Vivaldi’s “Winter” from The Four Seasons with Norwegian Mari Samuelsen as violin soloist. Her brother, Hakon, is playing the cello. A remarkable performance.

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