Dendrobium and Laeliocattleya in Rogers Park


Dendrobium Nobile Love Memory “Fizz”

Dendrobium Nobile Love Memory “Fizz” has landed in Rogers Park and has located a warm, well-lit space in the eastern windows on Wolcott Ave. Reports are that it is acclimatizing well and is powering up to bloom very soon.

It was accompanied by the Laeliocattleya Betty Ford “York” which is showing its appreciation in the southeast window by seductively revealing a hint of the frilly edge of its promised magenta bloom.

The plants, nourished and nurtured, humidified and fed, are working to sustain their new owners through this bitter cold, snow, and ice. Just anticipating their exotic and aromatic blossoms is keeping them very warm.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!


Laeliocattleya Betty Ford “York”

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