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Saigo Takamori (1828-1877)

Today is the birthday of Saigo Takamori (1828-1877), also known as the Last Samurai. He was born in Kagoshima in the south of Japan on Kyushu island. Though born into a poor samurai family, he still received the requisite military … Continue reading

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Extending the moment

Adam Magyar, a Hungarian born photographer and videographer, has found a way to truly extend the moment. Using a specially designed industrial camera ($16,000) used to shoot high resolution images at incredibly high speeds -100,000 frames per second (film is … Continue reading

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“Fictional Characters” by Danusha Lameris

Do they ever want to escape? Climb out of the white pages and enter our world? Holden Caulfield slipping in the movie theater to catch the two o’clock Anna Karenina sitting in a diner, reading the paper as the waitress … Continue reading

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At the top of the stairs

Yesterday we went to a performance of the Sweat Girls, known as the monologue mavens.  Six women, mostly of “a certain age” told their individual stories about aging, financial woes, retirement fantasies, working at Aldi’s because of the need for … Continue reading

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Community functioning at its very best

Last night we attended a fund-raiser for the displaced workers at the three businesses that burned down in Evanston, one of which our son IB worked at as a bartender (see “Two paintings were saved”). The Evanston business community came … Continue reading

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Ghosts in the Lobby of the Secor Hotel

The Secor Hotel as we called it , but actually named the Hotel Secor, was at one time a luxury Hotel in Toledo, Ohio where I grew up. My mother recalls attending wedding celebrations there and dances she and my … Continue reading

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HITACHI, cause of the Civil War

We are setting the scene for Reconstruction by exploring the causes of the Civil War. I assigned pairs of students a single cause that they researched and presented to the class using powerpoint. The students took notes during each presentation … Continue reading

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