Community functioning at its very best


Last night we attended a fund-raiser for the displaced workers at the three businesses that burned down in Evanston, one of which our son IB worked at as a bartender (see “Two paintings were saved”). The Evanston business community came together and sponsored an evening of music at 27 Live, a local music venue.

There was a lot of good music, enthusiastic dancing, food from Lulu’s which is closing in February, abundant beverages, loud (to be heard over the music) and friendly conversation, but most importantly a spirited and wholehearted community camaraderie. The place was absolutely packed on a very snowy, very cold evening. IB said he recognized almost everyone there as regulars at the restaurant. The owner of Taco Diablo, also the owner of Lulu’s, Dan Kelch, has been feeding customers in Evanston for 20+ years. The Pine Yard, the Chinese restaurant where the fire started, has been in Evanston for even longer.

The fundraiser’s intention, for the people who lost their jobs, is certainly not a complete solution to those who are looking for work, but it is a generous and heartfelt gesture. It is healthy community functioning at its very best.

IMG_0974Image(Last photo taken by JB.)

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