In the middle of the mundane, the miraculous.


I know I moan and complain about winter. Especially today as I spent about an hour digging a path in front of the garage in order to get the car out. And the cold can be so shocking to the body, especially my fingers and nose. It takes so much longer, and a great deal more planning, putting on the layers of clothing needed to insulate ourselves from the chill. And I really don’t like hats, but obviously am forced to wear one on the coldest days. I don’t much care for boots either much preferring the open toes of summer. Did I mention how often I misplace my lip balm needing to buy a new one at least once a week?

But I don’t think I could ever give up winter by moving to some warmer clime, because that would mean giving up surprises like tonight when I stepped on the back porch to put some paper into the recycling. I literally vocalized a quick intake of air as I looked at the windows which were covered in patterns like beautifully woven lace. My iphone pictures here do not do justice to winter’s gift this evening.

In the middle of the mundane, the miraculous.



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