Qigong is not for everyone


Last week in Qigong a new person showed up to participate in class. She was young, talkative, and shared a lot about her previous yoga experience before our qigong teacher came into the room.

Once class began, this young woman was all over the place. In the middle of the Jade Plate Receives the Morning Dew, she went to retrieve her purse and jacket from a far corner of the room, crossing in between and in front of the other students in the class. She left the classroom during The Weeping Willow Shivers in the Early Morning Breeze, presumably to use the washroom. Her cell phone went off while we were Drawing the Precious Sword from its Sheath. She couldn’t stop coughing while we were Moving the Mountain and Pouring out the Sea. She left the room again when we were all Pushing Down the Fierce Tiger. Finally as we Clenched our Teeth, Widened our Eyes, and Struck to the Four Directions, she picked up her purse and her jacket and left. I had forgotten all about her until today while we were Returning to the Root and I noticed she wasn’t in the room.

Well, I guess Qigong is not for everyone.

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2 Responses to Qigong is not for everyone

  1. Wow, that same woman has been in my meditative yoga class! And, she brought her phone there, too!

  2. Jerome Bloom says:



    FOR ME




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