Peonies in December


For the past several years, I have served as president of our union. It has not been the easiest of responsibilities. It took enormous amounts of time and energy, and sometimes I found myself beset with issues that presented moral and ethical quandaries. But I worked with a terrific group of colleagues on the Executive Board who helped to clarify the journey, the focus, and the issues, fully supporting the teachers and assistant teachers in our school, and especially making sure that everyone was following the contractural processes. The new president is awesome and will help to strengthen the voice of teachers at our school.

It truly has been an honor to serve the union and my colleagues. I have learned a great deal and stretched my flexibility, my ability to listen, and my communication (and diplomacy) skills, hopefully continuing to keep the union an essentially critical presence in the functioning and decision-making of the school.

At our membership meeting after school yesterday, I was surprised and celebrated with many gifts (including peonies in December!). Little does anyone know, however, that the greatest gift of all, has been the opportunity to work with such an incredibly talented, hard-working, dedicated group of teachers, whose expertise, creativity, and passionate humanity continue to inspire me and the students at this school.

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