The photo above is the epigraph at the beginning of Fahrenheit 451. We have talked a lot about this in class including the fact that Juan Ramon Jimenez was my favorite author in 6th grade after I read his Platero and I. This epigraph has provided a great deal of humor as it has been used as a continual response to a variety of questions and situations in class—What do you mean you don’t have your homework?! (If they give you ruled paper…) You know you’re not supposed to eat in the hallway. (If they…)

The assignment the students had for today was to invent three words (Bradbury invents words all the time). This was a terrific opportunity to explore latin and greek roots, prefixes, and suffixes, as well as an opportunity for the students to stretch their imaginations and creativity. And there were plenty of terrific words presented today, like Bedombiblologynoun the study of books away at home (in other words, homework) and Clavemegonoun pride or satisfaction found in remembering the location of one’s keys.

But far and away my favorite was Contraformagraphist (pictured below), defined as one who, when given ruled paper, writes the other way. This was illustrated by the first lines of the novel written “the other way” across a piece of notebook paper.

I may complain and whine sometimes. Some days I may really struggle to get out of bed. But really. I love my job.


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